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Oregon’s best kept secret   shh!

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Joy Kingsburry

Joy Kingsburry

Broker Agent Owner

My name is Joy Kingsbury. I have lived and conducted business in Oakridge since August of 1991. I have personally purchased and operated several small businesses in Oakridge. Real Estate sales have been a large part of my business activities for a number of years. For unhurried attention to your real estate needs, please call on me.

Hi all, 
I want to thank all my clients on both sides of listings and purchases, property managment clients, owners and sellers. Those who supported me in the Innkeeping business as well. I owe you a huge debt of gratitude for supporting me in my business endeavors over the past twenty-two years here in Oakridge. It has been a journey and you have taught me a lot.
The future looks brighter for Oakridge than ever.  Real Estate is always a good investment, and, I intend to encourage it as much as possible. It’s fun to link up investors and those who wish to relocate to the area with the just right properties and I will be available to do that with the usual unhurried attention.  It’s always a plus to take the time to find the  home or business you will be eager to call your own.  There is not a time limit on special.

Oakridge is located about 40 miles southeast of Eugene on Hwy 58 which follows the Willamette river into the Cascade Range. The North Fork of the Willamette, Salmon Creek, Salt Creek and Hills Creek all flow into the Middle
Fork of the Willamette in the immediate Oakridge area. Fish!

At approximately 1200 feet elevation, Oakridge is above the fog that plagues Western US low valleys, but below nearly all of the winter snowfall . What snow does fall  ususally does not accumulate or last long. However, if one wants to find snow, the elevation at Willamette Pass on Hwy 58 is 5080 feet ( the ski area there goes to 6600 feet) and is only 28 miles from Oakridge. Ski!

Of course, there are many other recreational opportunities in the area such as golfing, boating, hiking, hunting, exploring, and bicycling to name a few. Below is a photo of the local golf course.

Oakridge will always be a small town; it is surrounded by National Forest, making urban sprawl impossible.

Beverly Walters, Broker, is now affiliated with Joy Kingsbury, Inc. Real Estate Services at

New address, 48116 HIGHWAY 58. And Welcome Beverly. Beverly is passionate about home sales and about helping folks achieve their goals. Since Home Ownership is often the largest investment for most, wise counsel and excellent negotiating skills are Beverly’s specialty.

Beverly is coming out of semi-retirement because she loves Real Estate and has served the industry well for over 20 years representing both Buyers and Sellers. Her clients often complimented her saying “You knew what we wanted from the first, because you listened.” Beverly’s awards over the years in Real Estate take up shelf space in the new office. She can be proud of her achievements in sales and service.

Prior to working in the Real Estate industry, Beverly’s career was in electronics. She co-owned several electronics businesses in California.

Beverly is a Mother, and Grandmother who also enjoys gardening and cooking. Before moving to Southern California’s High Desert and joining a premier Century-21 Realty group, Beverly lived in Salem. She has never forgotten Oregon and awaited her opportunity to return.

“I am excited and looking forward to meeting many of you and making long term relationships out of clients.” She plans to become active in the community and champion Oakridge goals.

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