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Joy's Paintings
These paintings are canvases that I painted mostly in Ken Brauner's studio in Eugene.  He was a wonderful artist and a great teacher.  

All are done in oils with the exception of "The Dream is Gone", which is my only experiment with acrylics.

We have  several superlative artists in Oakridge and Westfir.
Oakridge is the home of the Flying Turtle Gallery, where many of our artists show their work.

Art Work
A Walk in the Woods

My Mother and my Granddaughter and the little dog named Beau.  Taking an after dinner walk in the woods.
A Summer Splash

What's more fun the a splash in the river with your dog on a hot Summer's Day?
The Lost Cabin

This was the way it was on hunting trips in the old days.
The dream is gone! 

This is an existing boarded up cabin near the Nazarene Church.  I shortened it up some and changed all the background.  It was fun.

The Old Broomstick Factory

Back in the bad old good old days, I have been told they made broomsticks here.
The Hunting Lodge

Primitive Days in the deep forests of Central Oregon Cascades.  This was burned by the builder when the Forest Service ended the practice of allowing this use.
Almost There!

The end of a long, long packing trip.
Tired and dirty, his little cabin and warm fire are welcoming him home.

Alpines inThe West

Mountain High! This one was fun.  I had a cave and painted it out and put a little log house at the base of the mountain.
Bearly There

This little bear looks so friendly you could pet him. Well...............maybe not!
Covered Bridge in Oregon

I like the sun and the water on this one.

Beargrass in the Mountains

Beargrass is prized by the florists.
Crews come to pick it when it is in bloom.
Christine's First Easter

This is my Niecette at her first Easter egg hunt.  She was so adorable in her little old fashioned dress with a basket as big as she.
Beau's Ball

Beau's favorite red ball. He would spend hours retrieving as long as he could find someone to throw.
Diamond Peak

Diamond Peak looms over our valley. It is a beautiful peak with snow on it year round.
In the Sierras

High Mountain Peaks and Bristlecone Pines.  This reminds me of the mountains around Bishop, CA.
Deep in the Forest

Waterfall was fun to paint.  There are two fish in the pool.  Can you find them?

Mountain Home

Wouldn't it be fun to find a place like this?  People come to my office and say they want this one!
Goin Fishin!

He got his and is waiting for the next one to come along after he eats this one.
Three Finger Jack

Near Sisters, OR.  
Named for a Trapper with three fingers
the other two caught in a trap?
Old Farm Place

Somewhere in Oregon the old barn still stands!
Bearly There

This little bear looks so friendly you could pet him. Well...............maybe not!

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