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Please inquire about available riverfront properties. Also other unlisted homes & lots.

Current Listings


The future looks brighter then ever for Oakridge. Real Estate is always a good investment– and I intend to encourage it as much as possible.  It’s fun to link up investors and those who wish to relocate to the area with just the right properties.  I will be available to do that with the usual unhurried attention.  It’s always a plus to take the time to find the home or business you will be eager to call your won.  There is not a time limit on ‘special’.



Family Home


Two Lots.  •  4 Beds •  3 Bath

48404 Norquist ln.
Oakridge, OR 97463



0.46 Acres.  •  R1 Zoning • Utl available


48401 Roberts RD. Oakridge, OR 97463

Mobile Home Park


20 Spaces.  •  3.5 Acres  •  $92k Net Income

Highway 58  Westfir, OR 97492



.34 Acres  •  R1 Zoning • All Utilities Available

Westoak Road Oakridge, Oregon 97492

Single Family


825 Sq Ft.  •  2 Beds  •  1 Baths

47841 Commercial St. Oakridge, OR 97463

Single Family


1,324 Sq Ft.  • 3 Beds  •  1 Baths

76431 Alder St Oakridge, OR 97463

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Oakridge will always be a small town; it is surrounded by National Forest, making urban sprawl impossible.