speaking as a private citizen

From Joy Kingsbury, speaking as a private citizen:


               This City has just been through a crisis that created much distress and could have cost lives and property. It was an amazing experience and worth the grief to watch this community “lay down
their cudgels” and pull together to protect and provide relief to one another. My personal and
profound expression of gratitude goes to our First Responders, City leaders, neighbors and
friends, for the wonderful outpouring of care and concern they have shown for one another in
our difficulty.


              A friend delivered wood to my home to keep in some warmth, and first shoveled a path in to do so, the Fire Department provided a member of my family with a relief oxygen supply, friends
helped set up a little cook stove for me, neighbors kept me informed. The Churches, and
organizations, all working together to keep our community safe and as comfortable as possible
under extreme circumstances has taught me a lesson in appreciation for and pride in the
community, the value of cooperation, the sacrifice of our Volunteers, and the need for one
another. This community sometimes seems like a “House Divided” and they fall, but, this past
week has shown that is not the case. Oakridge/Westfir stands united in the face of serious
threat or disaster. Let’s have a major celebration in appreciation!

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